Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Social Experiment- Experience 1

So, we have had a few interactions with people, giving them the uplifting cards made by the people of New York for our social experiment, but this was the first experience of its kind.

In the subway, as my companion and I were getting on the crowded train, we noticed that the girl in front of us was crying. As everyone pushed to get on the train, we were placed perfectly next to her, and could see her sadness very plainly. We looked to each other, and saw that neither of us could think of anything to say to begin talking to her. Then, remembering of the cards we had, I reached into my bag and grabbed one at random and handed it to her. She took it, surprised at first, and then read it. As she read, she stopped sobbing, and looked up and thanked us. We don't know which card we gave her, but it made her stop and think. The man next to her asked if she was OK, and we learned that she had just received news that her father had just passed away. We then were able to comfort her by sharing with her our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. She had several questions:
Will we remember this life after we die?
Will our families be together after we die?
How can we know?
It felt so good to be able to share with her the things that had comforted me personally when I had lost family members of my own, and the answers we gave her helped calm her, and gave her hope. She thanked us for sharing, and we invited her to pray and ask God for his help as she went on her way.

Thanks again to those who wrote the cards, you comforted someone in need!

Doesn't it feel good to be an instrument in the hands of God? It felt that way for us. Pray for opportunities like this, and they will come (:

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