Monday, October 14, 2013


Welcome to Reach My Gospel!

This blog is designed to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel :) 
(gospel= God's instructions on how to live happily) 

That's a great task isn't it? We can always do better in coming unto Christ, because honestly? None of us are with Him now (see John 17:3)... at least none of us who are reading this blog! So, on this blog we want to share and hear ideas for how we can all come closer to Christ through improving our prayer, scripture study, and church attendance! We also want to be able to help our friends "reach" the gospel, so we'll share posts about great ways to share the gospel as well (:
Please feel free to share all comments, questions, stories, and any good ideas that you have pertaining to the gospel! (: We would love to hear them! 

Or... IF you've already skipped the long paragraph...

What is it we want to do? 

1- Improve our personal relationship with God! (Through ideas for improving our prayers, scripture study, and time spent at church.) 

2- Help others to do the same! (By sharing what inspires us from this page!)

3- Find answers to questions that we might have!

We hope you enjoy this thoroughly, because we know we will (: AND we encourage you to send anyone that could use the gospel in their lives to this blog.

Remember, the gospel is true, and God loves you! 

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