Monday, October 28, 2013

Maybe Thinking a Little More Inside The Box...

So... our original idea, a flash-mob in front of the Book of Mormon the musical play ended up not quite working out. Fortunately, like any good missionary does, we had back-up plans! So that's what we ended up going with.

Plan B-
Interestingly enough, it turns out that we weren't the only religious group going to Times Square on Saturday! BUT, we were the first! We went to Times Square with our Zone of 20 missionaries and some friends from our local congregation, and we sang a bunch of hymns! As we did so, we had several of us go out and invite any who were interested in learning more about the gospel to do so!

The whole event was made even more amazing as a group of Mennonites appeared, going to share the gospel with others as well. A non-denominational group, God In The City, had a walk for God scheduled for a little later in the day, and they were going to be following the same path we took to get from our meeting place to Times Square! It was awesome, and hopefully helped open some eyes to the fact that there are many good people around us, looking for a strong connection with God.

We had quite a bit of fun singing some of our favorite hymns in one of our favorite places. Don't worry, pictures will soon follow.

We know that music is a wonderful way to feel the spirit, and invite all who read this to try to see what music can do to help bring them nearer to God. (See D&C 25:12

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