Saturday, November 9, 2013

Color Vision: Chalk Art Round 2

 Well, after a few weeks, and a wonderful donation of chalk from some locals, AND the discovery of several talented artists in our congregations around the island... we decided it was time to share the Gospel through Chalking again! This time, with Lehi's Dream, in Washington Square!

All of the missionaries got to work!

 But we had some extra help this time! :)

This dog didn't do much... but the owner learned about the Book of Mormon!

 An architect designed the Great and Spacious Building!

 It still had no foundation... (ask a Mormon, like us, if you don't get that one!)

 This guy knew that the Tree of Life was a better choice! (He should know, he drew it!)

 Many people learned a lot today.

 We want to help people focus on what really matters!

 The Love of God, and the happiness that He has planned for us when we keep His commandments! 

Come, partake of the fruit of the Tree of Life, Drink from the Fountain of Living Waters! 
If you want to know what this vision is all about, just read 1 Nephi 8! Or, you can click here to have two nicely dressed youths (like us!) come and tell you everything about it!


  1. You should post a drawing of how the whole thing was laid out.

  2. You Elders are blessed to do this drawings for people. I'm a member of the church and it empressed me. Great message.
    The Lord loves you for sharing this wonderful message to his people.
    Thank You

  3. Such as awesome teaching tool........The MTC would would do well to incorporate this teaching method!!!!!! Those Elders are truly an inspiration!!!!!

  4. I think one of the main reasons it works, is because people have somewhere else to look when being taught. It removes that awkwardness of having to look someone in the eye when they are explaining something to you. They are able to really listen to what is being taught instead of worrying about where to look. Seems trivial but a valid obstacle none the less.

  5. I am so proud of you for being creative in sharing the Gospel. This is a wonderful idea and can be replicated anywhere in the world.....ya just need a bunch of chalk! It's like a free billboard. If LDS artists took it upon themselves to do this in cities around the world, they could put under the drawing and people could learn more about what we believe. So cool!

  6. Excellent job Elders!! And great blog too! Thanks for opening my eyes to creative ways to teach the gospel. I hope this spreads like wildfire!!

  7. You do an amazing job of Preaching the Gospel. God is reaching out in new ways through you. Bless you.