Monday, November 25, 2013

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving!

 One simple question...

 Plus several artistic people with chalk...

 Multiplied by the fullness of the everlasting gospel...

 To the power of the people of the Bronx...

 Equals one wonderful opportunity to share gratitude!

 Whether old,

Or young,

  All had something to be grateful for!

 And they let us know it!

 They drew it on the ground!

 There was a lot to say

 And people said it with boldness!

 Notice any patterns?

 Whether specific or not...

 People were grateful for some wonderful things!

 Someone was even grateful for our blog! 
(Ok... maybe that one was me... but hey, I'm grateful for it!)

 It was awesome to be able to share what brings us joy...
Because after all, joy is not true joy until it has been shared!

With the trumpet of an angel, we're hoping to share the gift of gratitude. We want to show our Thanks by Giving! 
So... What are you grateful for?

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