Thursday, November 7, 2013

Something Good to Give!

Here is an experience that was had by some of the Sister Missionaries who serve in our district! This is what they sent to us...
Our train story:
"You are here, You are still alive, The sun shines when we don't. Keep hope alive."
On the train ride home from one of our lessons, we found ourselves next to a very sad young woman. I heard her sniffing, and when I looked up she had tears streaming down her face. I instantly thought of the kindness cards and we both dove through our bags looking for one to give her. We found a particularly good one and handed it to her. She looked down for a second, looked up, smiled and then said thank you. It wasn't much at all. We didn't even write the card. But we helped a stranger in the park brighten a stranger on the train's day. And that was definitely a cool experience. :D
Helping strangers help strangers. It's what we do. NYC is so full of sad and lonely people and what an incredible opportunity it is to have something even slightly more than just a sympathetic glance to give!

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  1. Hi- I wanted to let you know how wonderful the kindness cards are- especially the one above. I've had a very rough few weeks (well, year is more like it) as I suffer from debilitating depression and anxiety. I prayed a few days ago for Heavenly Father to send me something, anything, as a sign that he hears me and cares. I stumbled upon this posting somehow from a Deseret News story and read the above message about keeping hope alive. I burst out crying, because this was for me. I know it was a message for me, don't ask me how or why. I just know it. Thanks so much. I feel like I can go on a bit more now :) Keep up the good work, I hope you reach many souls in NYC.